Princess Angeline

A former pastor of First Church, Rev. A. Atwood, wrote a book called Glimpses of Pioneer Life on Puget Sound (1903). Atwood was pastor at our church from 1874-1876. On his watch, the parsonage employed the daughter of Chief Seattle, “Princess Angeline” as the family washerwoman. Atwood remembers:

“Frequently during the pastorate of the writer in First Church, Seattle, from 1874 to 1877, Angeline presided with queenly grace at the wash tub in the parsonage kitchen…She would come to the door and listen when we had prayer, but would not come in. When spoken to about the things of God she would close her eyes, lay her head to one side and point upward, meaning thereby that when she died she would go to heaven.” (pp. 89-90)

The picture of Angeline [above] appears in Atwood’s book.

When First Church celebrated our 150th Anniversary in 2003, a key event included a Thanks and Recognition Friendship Dinner to honor the Duwamish Tribe for their kindness and assistance to First Church congregation in pioneer times.