Good Friday Prayer Apr07


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Good Friday Prayer

Here is my prayer from tonight’s Good Friday service. A big thanks to Glenn and the lovely Kirkland Choral Society ensemble, and to Robert for his great planning, Elisabeth for her beautiful music, to Janet and Ron for their reading, and to many others for a beautiful and deeply felt evening.
Dear God,
The words of his disciple ring in our ears:
   I do not know this man
The words of the crowd echo in our ears:
   We have no emperor but Caesar
   Crucify him, Crucify him.
And we long to think that if we had been there
   we wouldn’t have denied him
   we wouldn’t have run
   we wouldn’t have shouted out against him
   we wouldn’t have abandoned him to the soldiers and spears.
Yet in our moments of honesty
   when we see our heart of hearts
   we know that the crowd is us.
We know that their words are ours.
We feel it is true,
   because we run away from the crucifixions around us.
We shout aloud
   in the din of vengeance and estrangement and hatred
   that makes our world.
And the sound of the hammering of nails
   we replace
   with the music of our own private
   adding our own soundtrack to drown the cries
   of those who are crucified.
So God, on this day
   this one day
   we ask that you let those sounds through
   so that the banging of the hammer
   draws blood
   in our soul
   so we are touched just for this moment
   at least
   just for this one Good Friday moment
with the pain.
We name the pain, as the hammer falls on the nail:
   Sexual slavery
   Hate crimes
We have averted our eyes
   and let the hammer fall on the innocent.
O God,
   in our shame
   transform this sadness
   transform our hearts
   transform us toward your new world
   where there is the sound of spring again.
Bring forth your new creation now
   we ask.
Not so that our guilt may be washed away,
   but so that the pain of each victim
   of each heartbreak
   of each loss
May know your new day of joy.
In the spirit of him who was crucified
   whom we call the Christ
   who lives and reigns with you.
Make it so, Easter God.
Make it so.